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PMC Biogenix offers a wide range of metallic stearates derived from a variety of natural, renewable feedstocks which result in a broad array of end performance characteristics. Discrete control of chemical characteristics, such as metal content, carbon chain distribution and free fatty acid, combined with precise control of particle size allow for designed solutions for many applications.

Aluminum Stearate is available as the precipitated, di- and tri-soap. These products are added to coating formulations for pigment wetting and suspension, modification of the viscosity and rheology of non-aqueous systems, sag prevention, flatting, control of film penetration and improvement of brushing characteristics. Due to Its ability to thicken or gel organic liquids, inherent lubrication characteristics, good thermal stability and water-repellant properties allow Aluminum Stearate to find applications in a variety of additional applications such as high temperature plastics processing, ink manufacture, metal processing and grease manufacture.

Calcium Stearate is available in both precipitated and fused forms. The degree of overbasing, particle size and shape and apparent density are all considerations when choosing the appropriate grade for a specific application. PMC Biogenix offers a broad range of specification parameters within each of these categories to suit many end uses.

Precipitated Calcium Stearate is available in fine particle sizes and are used in specialized polypropylene applications such as thin fibers and films. Our NF and FG grades are used in pharmaceutical and confection tableting.

Fused Calcium Stearate grades are used in food and spice applications as an anti-caking additive and as a lubricant and acid scavenger in polyvinyl chloride and other polymers. PMC Biogenix routinely assists its customers in choosing the appropriate grade for their application based upon particle size characteristics, amount of pigment present, residual catalyst and specific handling requirements.

PMC Biogenix’ Lithium Stearate products are designed for use in hydrocarbon and synthetic lubricant-based greases polishing wheels lubricants and powdered metal applications.

Magnesium Stearate is available in both precipitated and fused grades. Precipitated grades, including National Formulary grades, may be used as mold lubricants for vitamin and medicinal pills. They may also provide slip properties to cosmetic powder and pearlescence to cream shampoos.

Fused Magnesium Stearate grades are used as a lubricant in selected plastics applications including molding of ABS and SAN polymers.

PMC Biogenix offers three grades of Sodium Stearate. Sodium Stearate C-1 and C-7 are cosmetic grade sodium stearates these products can provide wetting, thickening, emulsification and opacification to creams, lotions and shampoos. These grades are used a gelling agent in gel stick formulations. The loading levels and carbon chain distribution may be controlled to impart the desired hardness and viscosity to the final formulation.

Sodium Stearate T-1 is used in high impact polystyrene and in polypropylene as a lubricant. It exhibits a high softening point and excellent resistance to discoloration when used with polyamides and polycarbonate as a lubricant. This grade is also used as an emulsifier and dispersant in latex paints, as a vulcanization promoter in certain rubber formulations and for general use as a soap in polymers for neutralization and surfactant effects.

Zinc Stearate is available in both precipitated and fused forms in a wide variety of end use applications. Precipitated grades are used when a fine particle size and low residual mineral impurities are required. Paints, lacquers and industrial coatings are just a few of the uses in which precipitated Zinc Stearate may find application.

Fused grades of Zinc Stearate are widely used as a processing lubricant and acid scavenger in polyethylene, polyurethanes and polystyrene when heat stability is critical. Both pastille and powder forms are available to balance the needs for low dust handling capability and dispersion in the polymer matrix.

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